Like Two Drops of Water

Magi Halvadjian and Hilda Kazasyan will yet again embark on the Like Two Drops of Water challenge, providing a commentary on the performances of eight new participants in the show due to air in March on Nova TV. They will be joined by two of the judges on the show whose names are to be announced soon.

The second season of the show will present previously unseen transformations through which the attractive participants will ‘travel in time’ and assume the personas of last-century and contemporary performers. The show’s producer Magi Halvadjian has already promised an exciting casting and participants capable of surprising their fans and living up to the Like Two Drops of Water challenge.

A sparkier and larger stage in the new ‘home’ of the producers from Global Films will be at the centre of the new season of the show. The familiar figure of Mickey Mouse on the stage will become the backdrop against memorable roles will be played out. The elevator that used to transform performers and was Maria Ignatova’s nightmare and the wheel tape measure that doled out the challenges for each new episode will again play a central role in the show. The participants and new judges will soon be announced on Nova TV.

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