Four Ladies Sing Jazz

The evening dedicated to the female jazz voices in Bulgaria will bring together, on the same stage, Hilda Kazasyan, Mira Katsarova, Beloslava and Andronia Popova – Rony. This will be their first stage performance together and all compositions to be performed have been specially selected for the Plovdiv Jazz Fest.

Each of the four singers has her own signature and uniquely expressive style unmistakably recognisable by audiences. During their concert at the Festival they will perform several jazz plays selected by the performers and arranged for the concert in November by Hristo Yotsov. His reading of the compositions that reflect the preferences of Mira, Rony, Hilda and Beloslava, will transform the familiar and much-loved pieces into an inspiring experience for the audience in the hall and the musicians on the stage alike.

The concert will end with a joint performance of Mira, Rony, Hilda and Beloslava. Throughout the evening the will share the stage with Veselin Veselinov – Eco, Miroslav Turiysky, Hristo Yotsov and other guest performers.

How jazz multiplied by four will sound is something we will discover on 4 November at the Boris Hristov House of Culture.



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